Amsterdam – Travel like a pro!

Commissioned by the municipality of Amsterdam, Dumoco has facilitated a study into travel alternatives for professionals in education and care. For these target groups, the necessary accessibility problems arise in Amsterdam: Housing within the city is no longer always possible, which means that an increasingly larger group has to commute back and forth from the Amsterdam area on a daily basis. This creates accessibility problems, rising mobility costs and even staff shortages as professionals more often consider looking for a workplace elsewhere.

Together with the municipality, Dumoco set up the ‘Travel like a pro’ campaign: a trial period of 2 months with a part of the travel budget that participants could use to purchase their mobility themselves. The condition was not to use one’s own car for commuting during this period and to complete a 0 measurement, intermediate measurement and a final measurement to monitor travel behavior and attitude towards these travel alternatives before and after the trial offer.

Mobility offer of your choice

  • Access to public transport and public transport bicycle by means of a Dumoco . public transport chip card
  • (Electric) shared bicycles
  • Electric shared scooter
  • Speed ​​pedelec lease
  • E-bike lease
  • car sharing
  • Cab


  • Participants could try mobility services of their choice for up to 2 months. A travel budget was made available for this;
  • The subsidy was made available to the participant by means of a Bunq account. This enabled the participant to purchase his or her own mobility;
  • Dumoco supported the participant in making the right mobility choice through a project page, personal travel advice, an intake interview and personal guidance through its own customer service.


Insights and learning points:

Find out more about this project?

  • Consult the website for more information about the project
  • Contact project manager Christiaan van Veen on 088 – 9343406.

We can also initiate such a project at short notice for employers and municipalities. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.