Diesel delivery van scrapping scheme

Exchange scheme The Hague 2022

Mobility credit for diesel vans

How exactly does the scheme work?

If you have your diesel delivery van scrapped and opt for the mobility credit from Dumoco, you will receive a Mobility Card and/or travel vouchers worth a total of € 1,500 in mobility credit (for each issued card we will deduct € 30 for card and service). on the credit).

An example: you order 5 mobility cards. The total card and service costs are 5x € 30.00 = € 150. In that case, your remaining mobility credit is € 1350.

The mobility card can be used in all public transport in the Netherlands (train, bus, tram and metro) and works like an ordinary public transport chip card. You must check in and out before each trip. You can order the vouchers from Dumoco after approval of your registration. We will then ensure that you can activate the digital voucher codes in the carrier’s app: felyx, CHECK., GO Sharing or Donkey Republic. In addition, it is also possible to use part of your credit for renting a shared car from Greenwheels or Sixt Share. Finally, you can use your credit for Hubbel’s parcel service.

Please note: you can register until November 30, 2022 or until the budget is used up earlier. Once you are a participant, you can use your mobility budget for a maximum of two years after your start date.


You qualify if you:

1) Have been a resident of the municipality of The Hague for at least 1 December 2020

2) Have been in possession of a car with a diesel engine since December 1, 2020 at least


Have your car demolished at a dismantling company recognized by RDW:​

1) The dismantling company usually gives money when you offer a car for scrap

2) The dismantling company issues a dismantling declaration.

3) With the disassembly statement you can request your credit from the municipality of The Hague. So make sure you get this statement!

Note: An indemnity certificate is not a disassembly statement. So make sure you receive the correct statement from your dismantling company!


Did you wreck your car? Then do the following:

1) Download the application form for the subsidy via the button below

2) Fill in the form, tick option 3 at question 10 “OV credit for a mobility card”

3) Print out the form and send it together with all requested documents by e-mail to subsidies@denhaag.nl or by post to Gemeente Den Haag, Centraal Subsidiebureau (Csb), PO Box 16106, 2500 BC, The Hague

4) You will receive a Mobility Card from Dumoco at your home address within 4 weeks of your request.

Do you participate in the Exchange Scheme of the Municipality of The Hague? Then Dumoco’s terms of use and privacy statement apply.

Want to know more about this project?​

Contact Dumoco customer service on 088 – 9343406 or view our FAQ.

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