makes sustainable mobility accessible

Access to sustainable mobility

Dumoco unlocks many new forms of sustainable transport and guides target groups in making smart mobility choices in order to stimulate lasting behavioral change.

Checkout via card and app

Dumoco offers a combination of a mobility card and an app for users to use and pay for mobility. User-friendliness is our top priority!

Knowledge partner for governments​

Due to years of expertise in behavioral experiments, facilitating different travel and sustainable mobility, Dumoco is a knowledge partner for governments, accessibility initiatives, area and project developers.

makes sustainable mobility accessible

Shared mobility Schiedam

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In collaboration with De Verkeersonderneming and the municipality of Schiedam, residents of the Schiedam-West and South districts were able to take up the challenge of…

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Our solutions for your problem

We help you fill in your policy theme. Whether you are a government, project developer or an accessibility initiative.

Social inclusion

Dumoco makes mobility easily accessible: Limited ‘Pay per use’ travel without having to pay in advance.


Dumoco encourages clean transport by opening up clean mobility, resulting in a cleaner living environment.

Environment law

Dumoco helps to achieve the strict standards of the environmental law, including CO2 and parking standards.


Dumoco facilitates entrepreneurs with a business Mobility Card, an app and a handy declaration tool for business trips.

Smart city

Dumoco is continuously pioneering new, modern forms of transport together with governments: Mobility as a Service.

Perticipation: Learn, work, entrepreneur

Dumoco helps to achieve the strict standards of the environmental law, including CO2 and parking standards.

City improvement

As a knowledge partner, Dumoco thinks along in the green and sustainable design of areas to be (re)developed.

Status holders and asylum

Together with partner Wijmobiel, Dumoco facilitates a public transport pass with travel credit and excellent guidance.

Powerful city centers

Dumoco stimulates transport to the outskirts of the city and offers flexible last-mile solutions in a trial campaign or loyalty program

Housing market

Dumoco introduces shared mobility and works with partners to reduce the parking problem.

Care, youth and education

Dumoco facilitates (young) professionals flexible and clean transport with their own mobility card and app!

Covid - travel healthy

Dumoco facilitates healthy travel by opening up healthy travel alternatives such as e-bike, e-scooter and shared car.

    Our approach

    Our approach is always customized and equalized to your demand. Think about this approcach to activate and stimulate target groups to use alternative ways to travel.

    Attract participants

    Analyse travel pattern

    Intake and guidance

    Tryout period

    Monitor & evaluate

    Structural implement the 'perfect fit'

    Our tools

    A selection of our tools to achieve your goals.


    Project page

    Mobility scan


    Mobility budget

    Personal intake


    Analysis of travel data​


    About Dumoco

    Dumoco stands for Sustainable Mobility Collective. Dumoco is an independent and innovative back office and service desk organization. An initiative in which Mobiliteitsfabriek takes up the social challenge towards sustainable mobility together with market parties, transporters and governments. A multi-year PPP (public-private partnership) of small projects with big ambitions.

    Why Dumoco?

    The mobility of people will increase sharply in the coming years. The accessibility, public space, safety and quality of life of urban areas are under strong pressure. Traditional forms of car ownership and lease are less and less tenable. New sustainable, shareable and healthy forms of mobility are on the way. Dumoco makes this ‘mobility transition’ to sustainable and smart mobility possible

    Our mission

    As a ‘frontrunner’, Dumoco wants to initiate, develop and implement new services as a partner for governments. Services that lead to behavioral change and contribute to a healthy and sustainable living environment.