Logistics in the city: Hubbel!

Everyone knows it: the city center; It is difficult to get in and it is difficult to get out due to traffic jams and crowds on the road. We at Hubbel believe that this should be done differently: By working with StadsHubs, large transport can stop at the edge of the city and a lot is already being solved; we call that the Last Mile solution. But, we go further! Hubbel wants to be the solution for all logistical problems in the city: By not only replacing the Last Mile, but also adding the First Mile and services in our Hub such as storage and fulfilment, we can completely unburden every entrepreneur in the field of its logistics. With Hubbel we reduce up to 80% of transport in the city and save costs for our customers and within the chain. Working with Hubbel means making a direct impact on your Co2 Footprint.

An example:

With a € 1,500 budget, Hubbel can provide the following services:

– Collect 200 packages at company location and deliver to customer regionally or nationally.

– Collect 75 roll containers or EURO pallets at the company location and deliver to customers regionally.

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Do you want to start using Hubbel?

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