Our pitch


Projects and programs related to mobility and behavioral change

Dumoco contributes to solving social challenges related to mobility, accessibility, vitality and sustainability. We do this by connecting employers, employees, residents and visitors with flexible and sustainable mobility concepts. By properly informing, creating awareness, enthusing and learning new routines, we ensure a structural, intrinsic change in behavior. In this way, Dumoco contributes to the mobility transition to make the world more sustainable, liveable and more accessible. .​ Below we describe in 4 pages how we do this.

Via this link you will also find some of the many projects we are proud of.

Our approach

Our approach is always tailor-made and in coordination with you as a client. For example, consider the following approach to activate and stimulate target groups to start using travel alternatives.

Recruit participants

Analyzing travel profile

Intake and guidance

Try period

Monitor & evaluate

Structural implementation 'perfect fit'

Our tooling

A selection of our instruments to achieve your goals.


Project page

Mobility scan


Mobility budget

Personal intake


Analysis of travel data