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Dumoco contributes to solving social challenges related to mobility, accessibility, vitality and sustainability. We do this by connecting employers, employees, residents and visitors with flexible and sustainable mobility concepts. By properly informing, creating awareness, enthusing and learning new routines, we ensure a structural, intrinsic change in behavior. In this way, Dumoco contributes to the mobility transition to make the world more sustainable, liveable and more accessible. .​ Below we describe some of the many projects we are proud of. And if you want to know more about our working method, click here.

Example case: Travel like a Pro

The Shared Transport Trial Offering is an initiative of the Municipality of Amsterdam and aims to reduce short car journeys in the city and to offer public professionals more options for commuting and work-related journeys.


Can shared transport as a last-mile solution contribute to the reduction of accessibility and parking problems in commuting and business traffic for teachers and care workers and thus the attractiveness of the city as a work location?

Number of participants

More than 1000 teachers and care workers are participating in the Trial Offer.


The participants have become aware of the possibilities of shared mobility on their home-work journey. With the 0 and 1 measurement, the municipality also has a targeted measurement result on which it can adjust its policy.

Something for your municipality?

Please feel free to contact Dumoco. You can do this via +3188-934 34 06 or via klantenservice@dumoco.nl.


Work on the Algera corridor can cause major traffic nuisance for motorists. How can we prevent that?

Number of participants

More than 600 residents from the Krimpenerwaard are participating in the rewards program


There are more than 100 rush hour avoidances per day. This is due to driving outside rush hour, working from home and modal shifts.

Something for your municipality?

Please feel free to contact Dumoco. You can do this via +3188-934 34 06 or via klantenservice@dumoco.nl.

Our approach

Our approach is always tailor-made and in coordination with you as a client. For example, consider the following approach to activate and stimulate target groups to start using travel alternatives.

Recruit participants

Analyzing travel profile

Intake and guidance

Try period

Monitor & evaluate

Structural implementation 'perfect fit'

Our tooling

A selection of our instruments to achieve your goals.


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Mobility budget

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Analysis of travel data