P+R offer Amsterdam Noord

In collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam, GVB and Hello Zuidas, commuters who work for an employer on the Zuidas in Amsterdam were able to get acquainted with P+R Amsterdam Noord in combination with public transport as an alternative to (part of) the residential area. work traffic to and from the Zuidas. The project was also an introduction to the new North-South line.

Participants in the Trial Offer  were able to experience to what extent the use of P+R Amsterdam Noord in combination with public transport constituted a travel alternative for the home-work journey to and from the Zuidas.

Mobility offer:

  • One month access to public transport on the Amsterdam North – Amsterdam South route;
  • Free parking for a month in the parking lot of P+R Noord.


  • During a trial period of up to 4 weeks, participants could try P+R Amsterdam Noord in combination with public transport. An OV chip card was issued for this period with sufficient travel balance for the route during the trial period.
  • During the trial period, participants were given access to P+R Noord by means of license plate registration and a fallback pass;
  • At the end of the participation period, a participant received a survey as a post-test. 72% of the participants completed the survey.


  • 126 participants participated in P+R Amsterdam Noord trial campaign
  • 77% of the respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with traveling on the North/South line as an alternative to (part of) commuting;
  • 18% of the respondents started traveling differently 3 or more days a week after the Trial Offer

Insights and learning points:

  • 25% of the respondents think the regular parking costs at P+R Amsterdam Noord are too high. The P+R costs €1 per day if you park after 10 a.m., but a large proportion of the respondents (87%) start earlier than 10 a.m.

Find out more about this project?

Contact project manager Peter Rossewij  on 088 – 9343406.