Shared mobility Schiedam

In collaboration with De Verkeersonderneming and the municipality of Schiedam, residents of the Schiedam-West and South districts were able to take up the challenge of leaving their own car for two months in exchange for a mobility credit of € 200 per month.

Participants in the Trial Offer could experience in a low-threshold manner how the use of shared mobility and public transport fits within their mobility needs. The mobility credit could be used to try out partial mobility.

Mobility offer:

  • Public transport and public transport bicycle
  • Shared car supplier Juuve
  • Shared bike supplier Donkey Republic
  • Shared scooter supplier Felyx


  • Participants were able to try out partial mobility for 2 months and start at different intake moments
  • Participants paid over budget themselves
  • Participants took part in a 0-measurement at the start of participation, a final measurement after participation and a post-measurement 2 months after participation.


  • 85% of the participants experienced the introduction to shared mobility as positive
  • 35% of the participants indicated afterwards that they regularly use shared mobility, where they previously did not or hardly used it;
  • 12% of the participants sold their own car after getting acquainted with shared mobility

Insights and learning points:

  • Visibility and recognisability of shared mobility at fixed locations in the neighborhood are crucial for the project to be successful;
  • Personal guidance is very important to make participants enthusiastic about shared mobility.

Find out more about this project?

Contact project manager Christiaan van Veen on 088 – 9343406.