Terms of Use

Terms of use Dumoco OV chip card​

Purpose of this Agreement

With the Dumoco OV-Chipkaart (Kaart) you can travel during a period determined within a project with all public transport in the Netherlands and any additional providers such as OV-fiets, guarded bicycle shed and P+R (hereinafter referred to as Service Providers). You will receive the Card on loan from Dumoco for the Loan Period determined during the project.

With the Dumoco OV-Chipkaart (Kaart) you can travel during a period determined within a project with all public transport in the Netherlands and any additional providers such as OV-fiets, guarded bicycle shed and P+R (hereinafter referred to as Service Providers). You will receive the Card on loan from Dumoco for the Loan Period determined during the project.

Article 1. Application terms of use

By accepting these Terms of Use, a User Agreement is concluded between you and Dumoco, to which these Terms of Use apply. The User Agreement ensures that you are aware of the rights and obligations associated with the purchase and use of a Business OV-Chipkaart, and the processing of personal data in particular.

Article 2. Explanation of terms

Service Providers: Providers of (Mobility) Services who accept the Card as a means of payment for the delivery of their products and services. Dumoco: The Dumoco Foundation has its registered office and principal place of business in Amersfoort at Utrechtseweg 9, registered in the trade register under number 57930260, also referred to as ‘we’ or ‘us’ in this agreement.

User: the person who has concluded a User Agreement with us for the use of the Card. In these Terms of Use, User may also be referred to by the use of “you”.

User Agreement: the agreement between you and us that is concluded by acceptance of these Terms of Use, and on the basis of which one or more Cards are temporarily made available on loan by us during the Loan Period.

Terms of Use: these Terms, regardless of the form in which they are made known.

Card: one (or, if applicable, several) Business OV-chipkaart(s) provided by us at your request, recognizable as the Dumoco OV-chipkaart.

Customer service: (digital) service point or, where you can perform one or more actions, as stated in article 6.2.

Loan period: the period in which you have a Card on loan, the period starts as soon as you receive the Card and is valid from then on until at least the end date of the term.

Mobility Services: the services of Mobility Providers.

Privacy policy: elaboration of the policy for guaranteeing privacy and the access to, processing and storage of personal data, Transactions and passport photos of Users, which you must accept in accordance with the procedure as stated in these Terms of Use.

RC-BKA: the private limited company RC-BKA, established in Amersfoort and registered in the trade register under number 60488972. RC-BKA is a partner of Dumoco for the issuance of the Card. It is a licensed partner of TLS, which enables it to offer Cards and process personal data in accordance with the requirements set by TLS.

Service fee: service fee that Dumoco charges you as part of the project conditions. Consult the project page on www.dumoco.nl for the correct rates.

Credit: the mobility credit provided during the project. Consult the project page on www.dumoco.nl for the correct conditions.

Translink: the private company Trans Link Systems BV. established in Amersfoort at Stationsplein 151-157, is a processor of personal and transaction data and producer and owner of the Card.

Transaction: any registered action performed with a Card.

Business OV chip card: an OV chip card manufactured by TLS that Dumoco purchases on the basis of a Card Agreement. It concerns a Business Anonymous OV chip card without personal characteristics.

Article 3. Term and termination of the User Agreement

3.1. The User Agreement takes effect upon receipt of the Card.

3.2. The User Agreement is valid for a Loan Period determined during the project. You can cancel the User Agreement at any time, without notice, provided that you return the Card to Dumoco (or report it as stolen or missing). Remaining travel credit on the OV-Chipkaart will expire and we cannot refund.

3.3. The User Agreement expires by operation of law after the Loan Period or when the Credit has been used.

3.4. In the event of misuse, we can terminate the User Agreement, as described in Articles 9 to 13 of the Terms of Use.

3.4. When we cancel the User Agreement, we deactivate the card immediately.

Article 4. General obligations of the Customer

4.1. You are responsible for the Card you borrow. You must manage the Card carefully as is common practice for payment cards.

4.2. You are responsible and liable for all use of the Card and Transactions made with it during the Loan Period.

4.3. We can provide additional instructions about the (safe) use of Cards by means of instructions for use. You must always follow these instructions.

4.4. You must immediately notify Customer Service of any changes in contact details, such as email address and telephone number, which are important for the execution of the User Agreement.

4.5       After the Loan Period of two years, you must return the Card to Dumoco, via freepost number 4749, 3500 SJ Utrecht.

Article 5. Personal data and privacy

5.1. We process your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Regulations that you can find on our website www.dumoco.nl.

5.2. We process personal data for the following purposes, among other things:

a      providing service to you through Customer Service;

b     sending you specific notifications, information and/or requests.

5.3. We may use third parties, including software suppliers and call centers, for the correct execution of the User Agreement. If these third parties have access to personal data in the context of the implementation of the User Agreement, they are bound by the Privacy Regulations.

5.4. Insofar as you have granted us permission to perform legal or other acts on the basis of the User Agreement, you hereby grant us permission to have those legal or other acts performed by a third party designated by us. We ensure that the third party designated by us, when carrying out the assignment, observes the conditions and obligations resting on us (including the Privacy Policy).

Article 6. General obligations of Dumoco

6.1. Our activities consist of:

  • issuing and withdrawing the Card from you;

  • Loading mobility credit in the form of a balance on the Card;

  • Providing access to the external Service Providers applicable in the project;

  • The daily registration and processing of the Transactions made by you with the Card for Mobility Services;

  • Timely reporting, invoicing and collection of consumption during the Loan Period;

6.2. You can request us to take actions through Customer Service, including:

  • report a Card stolen, missing or defective;

  • submitting a complaint or comment;

  • changing your contact details;

  • requests to load any outstanding balance on the Card;

Article 7. Privacy conditions under the User Agreement

7.1. To borrow one or more Cards, you provide your personal details. You must approve the Card issuance Privacy Policy before we issue the Card to you.

Article 8. Validity and termination Card(s)

8.1. The Card can be used during a period of the Loan Period. The period starts from the moment you receive the Card.

8.2. You can report Cards as stolen or missing and we will block the Card for security reasons. In some cases, you can contact Customer Service for a replacement Card.

Article 9. Card for Mobility Services

9.1. The Card is suitable for at least the following Mobility) services: public transport (train, bus, tram and metro) and other Mobility services that may be accessible to you within the project (public transport bicycle, guarded bicycle shed and/or P+R). ).

9.2. We are not a party to the legal relationship between the User and Service Providers regarding the use, delivery and/or purchase of Mobility Services and/or products and we do not take any responsibility for this. A Mobility Provider (including carriers as referred to in Article 8:100 of the Dutch Civil Code and as referred to in the Passenger Transport Act 2000) can attach conditions, such as general travel and/or transport conditions, to the use, delivery or purchase of (Mobility) services. .

9.3. In addition to Article 9.2, the terms and conditions used by the Service Provider may contain fines and/or additional costs. If the Service Provider charges us costs for this, these will be charged to the User’s Credit. If the Credit is not sufficient, we are entitled to charge these costs to you.

9.4       Dumoco is in no way liable for damage, theft or misuse of an OV-fiets. The user must take note of the terms and conditions of OV-fiets before use. Dumoco is entitled to deduct the costs of use, but also of damage, theft or misuse from the User’s Credit. If the Credit is not sufficient, we are entitled to charge these costs to you. Costs of using an OV-fiets are not deducted directly from the card balance, but are charged monthly by Dumoco from the remaining budget.

Article 10. Paying with the Card

10.1. When you use the Card with a Service Provider you agree to the costs associated with that Transaction. Dumoco makes the Balance available for use that will be used to settle the consumption of public transport.

10.2. We will charge the costs of all Transactions during the Loan Period to the User’s credit. These are costs for the use of the Mobility Services.

10.3. We do not guarantee that you will always be able to use the Card without hindrance. After all, operation depends on many external factors, including Service Providers and operation of our or third-party computer and telecom systems.

10.4. We are not liable if you cannot use the Card, or cannot use it in time or in full.

Article 11. Loss, theft and misuse

Loss, theft or (suspicion of) misuse of the Card must be reported immediately in writing (by e-mail) to Customer Service.

Article 12. Blocking Card(s)

12.1. We may block Card(s), and the use and access of Mobility Services, if there is (or appears to be) one of the following situations:

a      there is a suspicion that fraudulent acts are being performed with Card(s);

b      the Card(s) are used contrary to the nature for which they are intended.

12.2. We will block Card(s) at your request when you report the Card as stolen, lost or missing.

Article 13. Specific card conditions

You are responsible and liable for the use of the Card. The following rules of good conduct apply to the card:

  • By using a Card and accepting the Privacy Statement, you consent to the registration and processing of the Card and the Transactions performed and inspection thereof by Dumoco.

  • Only you and other registered members registered at the same home address may use the Cards.

  • The number of cards per applicant (registered at the same home address) is capped at five cards.

  • The Card remains the property of Translink at all times; transfer, rental or giving of the Card to a third party is not permitted.

  • It is permitted to add balance to the Card yourself if you have used up your credit. You can use this self-loaded balance/credit during the Loan Period. After the loan period, the remaining balance will expire and will not be returned.

  • You must have the Card blocked immediately if:

    • the Card has been stolen or the User suspects that it has been stolen;

    • you have lost the Card;

    • you notice that one or more Transactions have been carried out with the Card which you do not recognize;

  • you doubt the security of the Card for any other reason.

  • If you recover or find the Card after it has been blocked, you must return the Card to us.

  • It is prohibited to damage, modify or otherwise use the Card, other than for which the Card is intended.

  • You may not imitate, modify and/or copy the Card. You indemnify us and third parties against all damage caused by counterfeiting, altering and/or copying the Card.

  • We may withhold use from you if you violate these terms of use, do not comply with the terms and conditions or house rules of the Mobility Provider and do not still meet those conditions despite a reminder to do so.

  • You may not infringe any intellectual property rights in any way. including unauthorized use by adapting, changing, circumventing or in any other way hindering the operation of the application(s), software, the security measures of the Card.

Article 14. Payments

14.1. Dumoco is authorized to withdraw Balance that has been made available together with the Service Fee from your Credit.

Article 15. Disputing amounts

15.1. If you do not agree with a Transaction on your payment statement, you can dispute it. You must do this as soon as possible and with reasons after you have received the payment overview. You cannot contest a Transaction on the grounds that a Mobility Provider or Carrier has failed to fulfill its obligations, for example due to delays. You also cannot contest a Transaction on the grounds that a User has forgotten to check out or that the Card has been stolen or lost, or that the Card has been misused.

15.2. If we receive the disputed amount from Service Provider or TLS, we will add it to the User’s Credit.

Article 16. Liability

Article 16. To16.1. The liability of you and of us in no case extends to trading loss and consequential loss.

16.2. We are not liable for damage (on any ground whatsoever):

a      in connection with Mobility Services that you pay with the Card; or

b     as a result of blocking or withdrawing the Card; liability

Article 17. Customer service

For questions and/or information about these Terms and Conditions you can contact Customer Service by telephone on 088-9343406, you can send an e-mail to klantenservice@dumoco.nl or you can send a letter to Dumoco, PO Box 694, 3800 AR in Amersfoort.

Article 18. Amendment of these terms and conditions

18.1. We are authorized to change these Terms independently, with the result that you are bound by that amended version. We will exercise a great deal of care in any changes and try to prevent you from being disadvantaged.

18.2. We will inform you in good time, in writing or by e-mail, about intended changes to these terms and conditions. Any change will become effective thirty (30) days after you have been notified of the amended version of these terms and conditions, stating on that version the version number and the effective date of that version.

Article 19. Other provisions

19.1. We conduct all our communication in Dutch. We communicate in writing, by e-mail or by telephone.

19.2. We may transfer the Card Agreement to a third party if we meet the conditions set by law.

19.3. Dutch law applies to the Card Agreement.