Well on the way Province of Utrecht

In collaboration with the Goedopweg programme, commuters who work for an employer in Utrecht were able to get acquainted with  P+R parking in combination with public transport as an alternative to (part of) commuter traffic.

Participants in the Trial Offer could experience in a low-threshold manner how the use of P+R parking and public transport fits within their mobility needs.

Mobility offer:

  • Access to public transport
  • Access to P+R parking
  • Access to public transport bicycle


  • Participants could try out public transport and P+R and start at different intake moments
  • At the end of the participation period, a participant received a post-test and a subscription recommendation.


  • 75% of the respondents think the public transport chain is an excellent alternative and a suitable means for commuting
  • 25% of the respondents indicated that they use public transport 4 days a week or more for commuting.

Find out more about this project?

Contact project manager Peter Rossewij on 088 – 9343406.